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Goodbye Grandma.jpg
Dreaming In Dubrovnik -  image of a man taking a work break in Dubrovnik. He is dreaming of being in America although he has had a good life in Dubrovnik.
Vast Landscapes.jpg
Apache Retreat - image of an Apache in the south west US. He is taking a break near the stream.
Honoring my Elders - image of a transgender Native American wearing the bracelet of their ancestors. A Cheyenne bead pattern display is in the background. The person  is wearing a sky blue shirt with large sleeves.
Tibetan Hands - image of a Tibetan monk's hands with rosary beads. He has been chanting sutras with the beads. He is also wearing turquoise, coral and silver Native American jewelry.
Tea Time - image of hands drinking tea in Japanese Tea ceremony style. The person is wearing a turquoise and silver ring. The tea cup is an earthenware green color.
hearts and two hands
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