Shades of grey.jpg
Ojibwe Girl.jpg
Lakota Proud.jpg
Feeling Sublime.jpg
Gotta Get the Bad Guys.jpg
Clements Warthog Tales.jpg
In My Village.jpg
Young Romance.jpg
Looking for the future 1.jpg
Pastel Portrait of my daughter Chelsea
These are New Orleans girl in front of Resist graffitti
Long Ago, Far Away. This is a painting of an Eastern Indian man, a Sikh who is longing for his family and friends in India. It is nostalgic and reminiscent.
Hope In the Hood. This is an image of an African American woman who came from poverty and rose to fame. It is a story of hope an inspiration
Pastel Portrait of a Native American
Pastel Portrait of older woman
Pastel Portrait
Pastel Portrait of a Tibetan Monk in Mesa Verde
Pastel Portrait
Pastel Portrait | Blue Jeans
Pastel Portrait
Tea Time. This is an image of hands drinking tea. It is depicting the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The  tea drinker is also part Native American, wearing Native American jewelry.