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Fine Artist

Nancy has been creating works of art since she was 8. She started drawing portraits at that age with pencil and charcoal. Later she explored Surrealism with acrylics and pen and ink. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Co during the 1970's. She has been influenced over the years by Impressionist artists, Dali, Degas, Picasso and may more.

Today she enjoys creating portraits, street scenes for shows throughout the US, landscapes and animal portraits. She is a member of the Degas Pastel Society and the Portrait Society of America. She was a member of the Campbell Arts Guild in Campbell California from 2013 - 2017 when she lived in San Jose, CA. She participated in the yearly show and won prizes each time. She was a member of the Pastel Society of New Mexico during the 1990's when they lived there. She has won numerous awards for her pastel paintings in shows throughout the United States.

Since moving to Monterey April 2017, Nancy has started getting involved in the Monterey Peninsula art groups and events. She finds the area exciting, challenging and looks forward to contributing to the art in this area. She has recently started working in oils which allows her to experiment in other ways. Always experimenting, learning and creating ...


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